Nintendo NES Classic Controller Bifold Wallet

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Nothing gets my blood boiling faster then going to /r/Tumblrinaction. It’s where I first learned about SJW’s and their incredibly stupid crusades. As I dug a little deeper and started really looking into SJW’s and their posts on Tumblr, Twitter, and even a few Youtube videos I noticed people really have a hard time realizing that being racist is not just being against people of color and being sexist isn’t just being against women in any way shape or form. How do people not realize that discriminating against whites or even saying things like “Kill all whiteys” is most definitely racist. Its the same with Femi-nazis saying things like “I love to bathe in male tears”. If you turned it around and I said the same thing about blacks or I said the same thing about women I’d be a monster. And I’m not “Whitesplaning” or whatever the fuck its called here. That would mean I feel guilty about what happened to other races and yadda yadda. I don’t, I feel terrible about what happened to other races in the past but I’m not guilty for shit. I’m not a racist, it’s nothing but a  waste of time and I wouldn’t associate with anyone who was. Same goes for sexists and all that other tripe. Instead of trying to create categories for races and separating everyone by gender or sexual orientation, how about we just not give a fuck? How about we all go by one rule, don’t be a fucking asshole to others. I know that’s simple to say and I know no one will ever do it but Christ can we just not hate one another for arbitrary reasons? If you hate me immediately because I’m white, you’re a fucking racist. If you hate me because I’m male, you’re fucking sexist. This isn’t hard people. I won’t hate you because your black or whatever race you are. I also won’t hate you because you’re female or follow a certain sexual orientation. I will hate you because you’re an asshole and gave me a reason to hate you.

Holy shit what is wrong with people? I’ve been bombarded with all this Gamergate bullshit. I can’t find one legit reason why people (specifically SJW’s) are frothing at the fucking mouth with pure hatred for Zoe Quinn. The best excuse you can find is them saying something about the lack of ethics in gaming journalism. I think the whole Game Jam fiasco pointed out a lot of this already and is a much better example of the lack of ethics in gaming journalism. Who cares who she fucked? I never saw much of anything about her by those she did sleep with. And so what if they did write about her? The only good thing out of this whole thing is that her work has become so much more exposed and for the good. Depression Quest is a fantastic game. The fact that it’s free on Steam doesn’t hurt either. I think we should have been all over Game Jam like we are on this bullshit. I know this was all started by a spurned ex and those little trolls over on 4Chan went to town on Zoe Quinn when it hit their forum. Has anyone stopped and realized what little cunts their being? Has any one even thought about why they actually care so much? This is the same thing that happened to JonTron when he let “Retarded” slip out on twitter. Can people stop harassing talented human beings and go after much more important issues?

Why has this become a thing? Seriously, how stupid can people get? Now I know I’m a White Male who enjoys sticking his dick in vagina’s but I can’t be the only one who sees how fucking backwards this thinking is. Part of the human experience is enjoying and absorbing other cultures.  I’ve seen bullshit like SJW’s getting uppity because someone who wasn’t Hispanic was trying to learn Spanish. Yeah fuck that guy who’s trying to learn a new way to communicate to an entire other culture of people. Are you white and enjoying Chinese food, well if you’re not Chinese apparently you’re just a racist cunt. Chinese food is the fucking best by the way. I will Culturally Appropriate the shit out of it. Who goes out of their way like this to create something like Cultural Appropriation? SJW’s are happy to go out of their fucking way to find things to piss themselves off.

"Because I thought it would hurt to much."

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“Planet Earth. This is where I was born. And this is where I died.”

Doctor Who Series 2: Army of Gh—

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